St Barths

St Barths, St Barthelemy
Gustavia shopping town sight seen
Governer beach
Colombier beach
St Jeans Beach
St Barth the famous ...

The French jewelry of the Caribbean, st Barthelemy, discovered by Christopher Colombus, in 1493. It became since the 80’ the stash for celebrities, where they can shop in town or laid on the beach without been disturbed.

We will be happy to take you discover Gustavia, it could be compared to St Tropez, where luxury boutiques, high end restaurant and Maxy yachts gives this glamour and exceptional touch.

After a nice walk in town we can take a quick swim by Governors bay, pire white sand beach, free of any construction, where a famous billionaire has his “hut” hide behind the threes.

For lunch we give you the choices, it’s usually st jeans that wins. You have all you need on that beach. Super high end Eden rock restaurant with a 5+ stars standard, party lunch with awesome music by famous Nikki beach, or stylish atmosphere by Tom Beach.

To end our day after a great lunch we will stop by Colombier part of the Marine park, THE place to see Sea Turtles, jump in on a paddle board or with our snorkeling gear and go in this piece of heaven admired those underwater creature in their element.

The way back to St Martin will be a great and easy ride back down wind.. can even sip your Rose while keeping eyes for Humback whales.