Anguilla Tour
Rendezvous Bay
Cap Juluca
Beyoncé Honey moon destination’s is for me the nicest turquoise water I have seen!
Meads Bay
Overhang and a infinity pool from Malihouna hotel, the place where the queen Elizabeth stayed she she visited Anguilla
Sandy Island
Let’s your kids imagination take over and feel in the skin of Jack Sparrow
Da Vidas Crocus Bay
Davida Restaurant nested on this quiet beach will welcome you for a great seafood or BQQ casual lunch.
Little Bay
With a total different landscape, snorkel around cave or get some adrenaline jumping off the cliff
Shoal Bay
Our day will start with a little welcoming breakfast, while we get out of the Lagoon to start cruising over to Anguilla.

A 15 minute ride from St Martin only, to reach one of those two amazing beaches on the southside of Anguilla, Rendez vous bay or Cap Juluca, where you will already be blown away. Jump into the pool like water, have fun with our water toys, or just relax on the white sand beach.

From there, we’ll go towards the north side of the island, passing through the western point, sightseeing impressive cliffs and luxurious resorts as Four Season, Malihouna.
Our next stop will make you feel like “Jack Sparrow” on a sadly totally virgin Island since the Hurricane, “Sandy Island”. Where you can enter the magic underwater world to meet with colorful reef fish.

For lunch, let the captain take you to one of our 4 favorite restaurants, regarding your preference, Madeariman, Davida, beautiful Sandy, Jacala...

On the afternoon, take it easy, relax, swim, snorkel or jump of the cliff for the bravest in Crocus Little Bay.

Just before the end of the day, we will start heading back to St Martin, where a last swim by Meads Bay is possible if you feel the need to....

A 35-40 minute ride back to St Martin, with the sun going down and lots of good memories to remember this trip by.